Le Chasseur de rats (paperback)

Dyk, Viktor

Price: 280 CZK

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O chalupách a lidech

Schindler-Wisten, Petra

Price: 270 CZK

A majority of Czech population is familiar, either through direct experience or indirectly, with the phenomenon of spending time at weekend...

Spinoza a politika

Balibar, Étienne

Price: 190 CZK

Étienne Balibar (1942), Louise Althusser’s student, is one of the most significant contemporary political thinkers. His book, Spinoza and...


Book details Identity, Tradition and Revitalisation of American Indian Culture

Identity, Tradition and Revitalisation of American Indian Culture

Půtová, Barbora

Price: 240 CZK

"Identity, Tradition and Revitalisation of American Indian Culture", a collective monograph, is dedicated to the revitalisation of...

Book details Prezidentství Baracka Obamy: naplněné vize?

Prezidentství Baracka Obamy: naplněné vize?

Fiřtová, Magdalena - Hornát, Jan - Sehnálková, Jana (eds.)

Price: 270 CZK

Did Barack Obama bring his visions to life during his presidency (2009–2017)? Did he become who he aspired to be – a president of...

Book details Elektroencefalografické koreláty pohybového chování a výkonnostní zátěže

Elektroencefalografické koreláty pohybového chování a výkonnostní zátěže

Pánek, David

Price: 100 CZK

This work focuses on the evaluation and interpretation of changes in electric activity in the brain during prolonged physical activity. It...


Book details Pud u Freuda

Pud u Freuda

Kučera, Miloš

Price: 470 CZK

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Past Events



Three series received new contributions this week.

The Contemporary Thought series presents Spinoza and Politics, written by Étienne Balibar, one of the most prominent contemporary political thinkers. His book represents an introduction into Baruch Spinoza’s philosophy, using the problems of his politics as a starting point. The book primarily focuses on the relation between philosophy and politics. In addition to explaining Spinoza’s thought, Balibar also considers the political role of the philosopher, using Spinoza as an example of the inseparability of philosophical and political issues.

The Dramatica series has been expanded by the book Gérard de Nerval and His Double. Petr Christov presents one of the more distinctive figures of French romanticism, focusing on the little reflected theater and critical segment of Nerval’s work. It also offers new partial translations of selected texts, many of them translated into Czech for the first time, placing them in the context of literary-dramatic and theatrical production.

The third new book, part of the Oral and Contemporary History, fits the summer season pleasantly. Petra Schindler-Wisten’s book, On Weekend Houses and People, presents the development of this phenomenon from both anthropological and historical perspectives, striving to explain its influence on the daily lives of people in Czechoslovakia prior to 1989 and its transformation in the subsequent decades.