Skejuš - Skejušané - Skejušan. Rusíni v Chomutově, původ, historie a současnost

Malinová, Irina - Otčenášek, Jaroslav - Lendělová, Věra

Price: 260 CZK

Russinians in Chomutov, Their Origin, History and Current State addresses the theme on several levels. The scholars first expand on...

Perifrastické konstrukce v portugalštině

Jindrová, Jaroslava

Price: 180 CZK

This study aims to provide a survey of periphrastic aspectual constructions in contemporary European Portuguese.
The author bases...

New Items - e-books:

Book details Filologické studie 2016

Filologické studie 2016

kolektiv autorů, 

Price: 130 CZK

The monograph, Phonetics and Phonology in Prospective Teachers’ Education, aims to analyze university instruction of the key...

Book details Inferences with Ignorance: Logics of Questions

Inferences with Ignorance: Logics of Questions

Peliš, Michal

Price: 210 CZK

Inferences with Ignorance focuses on two formal logic systems that employ the type of inferences in which questions are used in addition to...

Book details Pavel z Tarsu a jeho svět

Pavel z Tarsu a jeho svět

Ryšková, Mireia

Price: 260 CZK

This monograph is the first original Czech work which focuses on Paul of Tarsus at such a depth and extent. A learned man from the Jewish...


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Dear readers,
We would like to present a new addition to our Medieval Studies Series. Venice and Its Empire in the Mediterranean paints a vivid picture of medieval trade in the Mediterranean, based on extensive research into an enormous number of archived documents.

"Professor Bernard Doumerc is the head of the History Department at the University of Toulouse and a world renowned expert on the cultural history of the Mediterranean, the Crusades and medieval Italy. (...) it took him many years to write (this book), aiming to achieve more than to appeal to a group of similarly minded experts. He wanted to make his research of historical sources available to a broader circle of educated people who consider Venice and its lagoon to be a cultural and tourist magnet, which it will undoubtedly remain in the upcoming decades. Being an experienced historian, he gradually expands on the basic question of the political and military means the Doge government used to expand and strengthen the supremacy of Venice over a territory which was so large that it can be referred to (albeit with a bit of an ahistorical exaggeration) as a medieval colonial empire. As an historical anthropologist who gained his education through the French Annales School, Bernard Doumerc never neglects the human factor; using specific examples, he emphasizes the amount of blood shed and the weight of gold that had to be sacrificed throughout the centuries to strengthen the dominance of Venice over the geographically and culturally different territories.”

From the review by Prof. PhDr. Martin Nejedlý, Dr.