Novozákonní teologie a hledání její závažnosti

Hatina, Thomas R.

Price: 360 CZK

New Testament theology raises many questions, not only within its own boundaries, but also in relation to other fields such as history,...

Dějiny umění Latinské Ameriky

Křížová, Markéta - Brenišínová, Monika

Price: 420 CZK

The History of Art in Latin America was conceived in the Center for Ibero-American Studies, Charles University, and is based on lectures...


Book details Tři životy. František Falerski - skaut, politický vězeň a osobnost K 231

Tři životy. František Falerski - skaut, politický vězeň a osobnost K 231

Šmídová, Lucie

Price: 150 CZK

This book presents the life of political prisoner František Falerski (1927–1969).
In his childhood and youth, his personality was...

Book details Princip solidarity ve financování služeb sociální péče

Princip solidarity ve financování služeb sociální péče

Vojtíšek, Petr

Price: 130 CZK

This book focuses on adjusting public solidarity and the role of voluntary formalized solidarity in the system of social services for...

Book details Kavky a kosatce

Kavky a kosatce

Konopíková, Michaela

Price: 180 CZK

This book is based on a field research carried out among ethnic Berbers living in the Grand Atlas Mountains in central Morocco. It analyzes...


Book details Praha univerzitní

Praha univerzitní

Petráň, Josef - Petráňová, Lydia

Price: 370 CZK

Prague has been a center of university education for almost seven centuries. It was on April 7, 1348, that Charles IV, King of Bohemia and...

Book details Fonetika italštiny

Fonetika italštiny

Radimský, Jan

Price: 190 CZK

This book aims to close the gap in the offer of textbooks focusing on the phonetic structure of Italian. The scholar strives to provide a...

Book details Čestní doktoři Univerzity Karlovy 1848-2015

Čestní doktoři Univerzity Karlovy 1848-2015

Petráň, Josef - Petráňová, Lydia

Price: 420 CZK

The tradition of honorary doctorates, which was introduced at Western European universities at the end of the 15th century, was adopted...


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Dear readers,

We would like to present a new art history publication.

Markéta Křížová and Monika Brenišínová’s book presents a basic overview of the history of art in Latin America from Pre-Columbian cultures to the present day.
Suitable both for students and the general public, this book offers a basic overview, presents bibliography on the topic, as well as important museums and galleries, and relations between the Czech Republic and Latin America in the field of culture and art.

This is the first publication of its kind in the Czech book market.