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Člověk v teoretické perspektivě společenských věd

[Man in the theoretical perspective of the social sciences]

Mlynář, Jakub - Paulíček, Miroslav - Šubrt, Jiří a kol.

paperback,  222 pp., 1. edition
published: December 2017
ISBN 9788024636115
recommended price:  290 CZK


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What picture do the contemporary social and human sciences present? This question is addressed by a group of scholars coming from many different backgrounds, including sociology, anthropology, philosophy, historiography, andragogy, psychology and evolutionary biology. Although this book is primarily theoretical, we can find many specific real-world examples: from art, to the square dance and ice hockey through the Barbie doll and people’s relationship to mountains. The book demonstrates that images of man in different disciplines are not incompatible, and in fact allow for mutual enrichment. These are not competing "views” of the same subject, but instead represent the option to freely choose from different social scientific "games”, knowing well that each of them has its own limits and rules as well as its intrinsic charm.