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O chalupách a lidech

[On weekend houses and people]

Schindler-Wisten, Petra

paperback,  212 pp., 1. edition
published: June 2017
ISBN 9788024636139
recommended price:  270 CZK


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A majority of Czech population is familiar, either through direct experience or indirectly, with the phenomenon of spending time at weekend houses, which was a natural part of lifestyle primarily for people living in cities. Petra Schindler-Wisten’s book presents the development of this phenomenon from both anthropological and historical perspectives, striving to explain its influence on the daily lives of people in Czechoslovakia prior to 1989 and its transformation in the subsequent decades. The scholar examines the external and internal conditions present at the outset and spread of this phenomenon and why Czechs are referred to as a "nation of weekend house owners”, although the culture of "second homes” is common elsewhere in the world.