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Dasturová, Francoise

Man knows that he must one day die and this awareness represents one of the main characteristics of humanity; the aim of religion, metaphysics and culture, however, is to overcome death. Western philosophy, from Plato to Hegel, claims that the act...

published: November  2017
recommended price: 280 Kč


Svatoňová, Kateřina - Krtilová, Kateřina (eds.)

While the center of interest of the European philosophical tradition is primarily concerned with the appearance of things, theory and philosophical media, as it is presented here, this book focuses on the tools, techniques and practices which make...

published: November  2017
recommended price: 320 Kč

Spinoza a politika

Balibar, Étienne

Étienne Balibar (1942), Louise Althusser’s student, is one of the most significant contemporary political thinkers. His book, Spinoza and Politics, represents an introduction into Baruch Spinoza’s philosophy, using the problems of his politics as a...

published: June  2017
recommended price: 190 Kč

Poznávání života

Canguilhem, Georges

French epistemology represents a distinctive line of thought within philosophy, represented primarily by Gaston Bachelard with his theory of epistemological breaks, Georges Canguilhem with his history of scientific concepts and Michel Foucault with...

published: May  2017
recommended price: 280 Kč

Urbánní situace

Mongin, Olivier

French philosopher and essayist Olivier Mongin presents a structured treatise on the contemporary meaning, in times of globalization, of city or urban space. It, however, is not an interdisciplinary thematic encyclopedia, but rather a framework for...

published: May  2017
recommended price: 340 Kč