Gérard de Nerval a jeho dvojenec

Christov, Petr

Gérard de Nerval, playwright and poet, one of the most significant figures of French romanticism, defies a rigid classification as any true romantic figure: the likeable, good-natured and eccentric poet, associated with the frenetic bohemian...

published: June  2017
recommended price: 360 Kč

Faust jako stav zadlužení

Just, Vladimír

The story of Doctor Faustus represents one of the oldest and most significant European myths, whose topicality has recently been on an increase. While this may be good news for the myth, it is an admonition for us taking into account the point of...

published: May  2014
recommended price: 200 Kč

Henrik Ibsen. Člověk a maska

de Figueiredo, Ivo

This book, written by Norwegian historian Ivo de Figueiredo, is the newest biography on world-renowned playwright and poet, Henrik Ibsen. It undermines deep-rooted myths and allegations concerning Ibsen’s life, which over the course of history...

published: April  2015
recommended price: 530 Kč